Bohdana Frolyak

This page contains list of Bohdana's works with attached recordings (where available.)

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Title Ensemble When written
Music of dreams violin, cello, piano and strings 2015
Wandering flames flute and strings 2015
Requiem Symphony "The humble soul" choir, soloists and symphonic orchestra, on the poems of Taras Shewtchenko 2014
I Would Have a Dream baritone and piano trio 2014
Piano concerto No. 2 piano and orchestra 2012
Yozef Örmény (piano), Lublin philharmonic symphony orchestra, conducted by Roman Rewakowicz
Lux Aeterna string quartet and chamber orchestra 2011
"Szymanowski" Quartet, "Academia" chamber orchestra, conducted by Jurij Bervets'kyj
Songs of the stars symphony orchestra 2010
Diptych on lyrics by Taras Shevchenko mixed choir 2009
Cantus chamber choir, conducted by Emil Sokach
Symphony No.2 symphony orchestra 2009
National symphony orchestra of Ukraine, conducted by Natalija Poнomarchuk
Inventions 8 cellos 2009
Warszawska Grupa Cellonet, conducted by Andrzej Bauer
Suite in C cello and piano 2008
Lamento piano trio 2008
Gryphon Trio
Partita-Meditation violin duet 2007
Innovation Duo (Jakub Dzialak and Anna Dzialak-Savytska)
"Jak modlitwa" ("As prayer") on lyrics by Adam Zagajewski sopran and symphony orchestra 2007
Switlana Glieba (sopran), "Kyiv Camerata" orchestra, conducted by Roman Rewakowicz
Clarification cello and chamber orchestra 2006
Agnus Dei mixed choir and chamber orchestra 2006
Daemmerung clarinet and strings 2005
Clarinet concerto clarinet and orchestra 2005
Wojtek Mrozek (clarinet), National symphony orchestra of Ukraine, conducted by Volodymyr Sirenko
Stück piano 2004
Yozef Örmény
"In air forests flow" on lyrics by Vasyl' Stefanyk and Nazar Honchar clarinet, bass clarinet, cello, piano, mixed choir, chamber orchestra 2004
"Why should i, like a tim'rous bird, to distant mountains fly?" flute, alto flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone (or English horn), violin, viola and cello 2001
Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin, conducted by Ruediger Bohn
Bell's ringing (on lyrics by Bohdan-Ihor Antonych) sopran and piano 2001
In the shadow of forgotten greatness piano quartet 2001
Piano concerto for a young performer piano and orchestra 2000
Vestigia string quartet and alto flute (alternative version: violin, viola and strings) 2000
Oana Zakharija (violin), Oksana Bryksa (viola), "Leopolis" chamber orchestra, conducted by Simon Kamartin
Orbis Terrarum symphony orchestra 1998
Симфонічний оркестр Симфонічний оркестр радіо і телебачення України, диригент Вячеслав Блінов
Fragments clarinet, bass clarinet, piano, drymba 1998
Intermezzo string quartet 1997
Sonata Pastorale viola and piano 1993
Concerto violin and orchestra 1991
Sonata flute and piano 1989